Purina dog chow complete (green bag)

Purina puppy chow complete (blue bag)

Purina cat chow complete (blue bag)

Purina kitten chow complete (yellow bag)

Little bites dog chow

Odoban – disinfectant/deodorizer

Toilet paper

Paper towels

Office supplies (copy paper, pens, clip boards, file folders, ink for printers etc.)

Printers are Samsung Xpress c1860fw and Samsung Xpress m2885fw

60 gallon lawn bags contractor strength

Stainless steel water and food bowels

Dog and cat toys

Non clumping cat litter

Prepaid gas cards

Prepaid Walmart and Sam’s club cards

20 gallon kitchen trash bags

Non kinking garden hose

Hose spray nozzles

Female to female hose couplers

Safe Paws snow salt/de-icer


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Thank You Banfield Charitable Trust

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help to lower income pet owners 

Banfield Charitable Trust



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