Kennel Technician Job Opening

Humane Society of the Ohio Valley – A.D.A Position Description

Position Title:  Kennel Technician –  Reports To:  Shelter Manager

Pay Rate:  Federal Minimum Wage with increments at the discretion of the HSOV

Overall Function:  Responsible for performing routine animal care and related duties at the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley Animal Shelter including: cleaning and maintaining kennel areas, socializing with adoptable animals and assisting citizens interested in adoption. Also responsible for leading volunteers with duties and responsibilities.
Essential Functions:
1.    Perform duties including handling and receiving animals brought to the Shelter by Humane Officer, Dog Warden or by owner surrender
2.    Perform kennel cleaning and other related housekeeping duties
3.    Maintain proper inventory level of food, cleaning and other supplies and notify Shelter Manager when restocking of items  is needed.
4.    Accurately document medical findings, vaccinations and treatments in medical records
5.    Medicate animals orally and/or topically read more

Amazon Second Annual Prime Day July 12

Amazon’s second-annual Prime Day is on July 12 and will feature more than 100,000 deals exclusively for Prime members, making it one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Shop at and Amazon will donate to Humane Society of the Ohio Valley.


HSOV Pet Fair June 25 Fairgrounds

Come to the Farmers Market this Sat 6-25 and meet HSOV adoptable dogs, learn about volunteering, fostering and membership. Volunteers will be there from 11:00 to 1:00. Check out tomorrow’s (Wed 6-22) Marietta Times for more details.


Thank You to HSOV Supporters

To all HSOV supporters:

We’d like to take a moment to THANK YOU for everything you do for the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley. We realize that we are always begging for money, whether it be to purchase a raffle ticket, buy some pizza, contribute to a project, shop at Kroger, make a cash donation, attend the Furball, play bingo, donate from Wednesday’s Wish List, etc., etc., etc. We apologize for always having our hands out, but it’s what we must do to keep the shelter doors open and the animals healthy and happy.

Funding the shelter receives from the City of Marietta and Washington County is roughly 18% of its annual budget. The remaining 82% comes from YOU in the form of donations and contributions. We couldn’t do it without our community members and we are so appreciative of your help.

HSOV currently has several ways to continue helping the animals:
1) Kash for Kritters raffle
2) Kroger Community Rewards
3) Smile.Amazon
4) PayPal Donations
5) Wednesday’s Wish List

Upcoming event fundraisers:
7/15 Howling in the Alley
7/30 Scavenger hunt
8/9 Raise Some Dough
8/14 Bingo
9/25 Paws Walk

If you have any questions please ask in the comments and we will explain in more detail.

Thank you again for your dedication and continued support.

HSOV Fundraising Committee

HSOV in Need of TEMPORARY Foster Homes due to New Roof and Drain being Installed

HSOV (Humane Society of the Ohio Valley) is under construction and TEMPORARY foster homes are urgently needed.

We are currently having a new roof and drain system installed and are temporarily unable to house any dogs in the area that is being repaired. The intake of dogs (and cats) increases dramatically during the spring and summer months and we are running out of room.

We have been very fortunate that for many years we have not had to euthanize due to lack of kennel space. Our community and supporters have always stepped up for the shelter animals and for that we are truly grateful. We are turning to you, once again, for help.

There is no cost to the foster family. You provide a loving home and the HSOV will provide the food, bowls, toys, bedding and anything that is needed.

If you are interested in becoming a foster family please download the application at this link
Applications are also available at the shelter. After you have completed the application you may either drop it off at the shelter or email to or

Consider Volunteering by Chris Murphy

This is a bit long, but if you have ever considered volunteering, please bear with me.

I began volunteering at the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley early in 2014 after seeing a plea on this very Facebook page for dog walkers. I remember walking in that first time, hearing the dogs barking, thinking “What a sad place this is. All of these animals are here have nowhere else to go.” That is a sentiment I hear a lot while interacting with people during events. Most of the comments are similar to “I appreciate what you do because I know I would never be able to do it. I would be too sad” and “I couldn’t stand being around all of those animals. It’s so sad.” I understand that sentiment. I have been at that point myself several times. However, in my little more than two years of volunteering, an amazing thing has happened. I no longer automatically think of the shelter as a sad place, Instead, I think of it as a place of hope. Every single animal that finds its way to the HSOV is treated very well by some of the most caring people I have ever met. Whether it is the humane officer or dog warden bringing in a stray or abused animal or the kennel techs who work very hard every single day of the year to make sure the animals’ living conditions are good, every single person cares deeply about those animals. This is where the role of the volunteers comes in. Volunteers are the ones who choose to do the tasks that free up the staff so they can focus on their jobs. There are many things a volunteer can do to help out. Some of the tasks that come to mind are the following:

Walking dogs to get them out of their runs
Cuddling cats to get them out of their cages
Washing food bowls and other items
Washing blankets and bedding used by the animals
Bathing animals
Landscaping/yard work
Simple building maintenance
Driving animals to rescues
Taking animals to community events for better exposure

As you can see from this far from complete list, there is a wide variety of ways to help at the HSOV. This brings me to my main point. Please don’t allow “It would be too sad” to be an excuse to not volunteer. That feeling doesn’t last. In fact, the longer you are there, and the more animals you see find their happy homes, the better and better you will feel. As I have mentioned, I now see the shelter as a place of hope. The first time a dog you are walking looks up at you with their thankful eyes or a cat cuddles up in your arms, you will see that hope first hand. The only thing those animals want is to be loved, and, as a volunteer, you can help with that until they find their forever home. Yes, there will be sad times. That is unfortunately inevitable. However, in the long run, the happy stories will far outweigh the sad. Volunteering truly makes a huge difference in those animal’s lives while they are at the HSOV. YOU can make a huge difference in the animal’s lives by volunteering. Won’t you please consider making a difference by volunteering at the HSOV?